Blogs: FlashDrafts

The story I looked at this week is titled “Pangur Ban”, the name of a cat, and can be found on the blog FlashDrafts (the link is below). The author posts short pieces of fictional writing each day. I found this story intriguing, and especially enjoyed the rich imagery. I think the blog is a good way for an aspiring writer, like the author of this story, to get their work out to the public. I also think it is a good way to get unbiased feedback on one’s work, and to potentially become connected with a community of other writers. Although I usually prefer reading pieces on paper rather than online, I found that the blog is a very good digital medium for short stories like this one. Personally, I am much more likely to read blog posts that are shorter, or that have something visual to go along with them, like a photo or a drawing. Interesting visuals catch my eye and pull me in, motivating me to read the entire blog post, even if it is long. With that being said, I found the presentation of this story to be very good without having a visual. In fact, I think I might go back and read more of this author’s work.



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