Infographic: The Hunters and the Hunted

I looked at an infographic about Japanese whaling. I was immediately drawn to this particular one because of the interesting and detailed drawings, accompanied by short captions. Once again the visual aspect drew me in and inspired me to take a closer look and read the information. Based on this infographic, I think this digital medium can definitely be considered a form of storytelling. This infographic included statistics, graphs, diagrams, maps, and a mini comic, which together told the story of Japanese whaling. Instead of just displaying graphs or data tables on whaling statistics, this information is presented with other interesting facts:  the different species of whales and what they look like, a diagram of the body of a whale, and a drawing of how a harpoon boat works. The infographic was created because whaling was banned in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, but Japan is trying to get this ban lifted. Statistics about endangered whales, scientific permit whaling, and the Japanese opinion on whale meat now verse years ago convey the main message, but the interesting facts and the visuals provide background information and setting to support the story and make it easy to understand.



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