Personality Driven Video: Beckie0

In my opinion, video blogging is a type of storytelling. Some people vlog about real events that happen in their lives, some about made up stories, some give advice, etc. People who vlog about real events tell the story of their own life, like the blogger I looked at. People who vlog about imaginary events or situations, tell fictional stories. People who give advice, or answer questions in their videos are telling stories about what they have learned through their own experiences. I think video blogging can be a good alternative to traditional blogging for people who blog about their life. Seeing the person’s face and the expressions they make while telling their story really adds a lot of depth and gives a better view of who they are. For me it makes the story a lot more personal because I have a face that shows emotion to connect with the story. I really like video blogging and in my mind, there is no question that it is a form of storytelling.



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