Supercut: Jack and Rose

The supercut I looked at was a montage of every time Rose or Jack’s names were said in the Titanic. I found this particular supercut very interesting because it was like a summary of the entire movie. Just by showing little bits of scenes where the two main characters’ names were said, you could see the characters’ emotions and feelings toward each other, and what the basic plot of the story was. The juxtaposition of the way the main characters say each other’s names shows the progression of their relationship. At first it was in a new, shy, formal way, but as time goes on the tones of their voice’s shows that they are getting more comfortable with each other. The emotion in their voices conveys the feelings that are developing between them, and by the end it is quite obvious that they are in love. Now, I have seen the Titanic so perhaps the story would not be as apparent through this supercut if I had not seen the whole movie, but in this case I found the supercut a very effective form of digital storytelling.

Link: Titanic: Every “Jack” or “Rose”


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