Your Choice: Hakan Dahlstrom Photography

I have been really looking forward to this week so I could write about my favorite digital medium for storytelling, photographs. I’ve been following Hakan Dahlstrom’s photo blog for quite a long time now, and I chose his blog because I think his photos are just incredible. I love the interesting angles he shoots photos at, and the vibrate colors in his photos. Many of his photos are of things most people see in their everyday life, but because they are presented in a different way, they hold a usually unseen beauty. To me, photos tell little stories about the person who photographed them. Every one of my photos is a little reminder of that moment in my life. Some remind me of a feeling or a special place, others of a person or a bit of beauty found in something ordinary, and others of all of these things together. All together, my photos tell the story of me. They show people and places and things that are important to me or that make me happy. They show the beauty that I find in the world around me. For me, looking at other people’s photos is like looking through little windows into their lives. Seeing the things that matter to other people and the beauty that they capture, inspires me look at the world in new ways.




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