Boston Trip

Thinking back on our trip to Boston, there is one photo that I saw in a studio in South Boston that really stands out in my memory. One man had a few photos that his grandfather had taken in China 100 years ago. There was one that kind of struck me for some reason. It had a sepia coloring to it and it was a landscape of fields with this winding road that twisted and turned off into the horizon. There were people with animals, probably donkeys, horses, or cows on the road. The road and the fields were in focus, but the people were very blurry. This really showed the motion of the people, which I thought was really cool. The contrast between the soft, light focus of the scenery and the dark, blurriness of the people was really powerful. I don’t have a photo of this photo but here’s a picture of Boston!

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 10.17.01 PM



On Saturday night I got to go to a WaterFire show in Providence! It was the perfect day so it was just beautiful in the city. There was lots of good food (I had delicious Indian food), cool musical performances, and lots of interesting people. When the lighting of the torches began, it felt almost sinister. The music was loud and intense, and the people lighting the torches were dressed in all black and rode in black boats. It kind of seemed like some gathering of a secret society or something. After all the fires were lit, it felt a little more cozy, and was very cool. The fire gave off a lot of heat and the warmth made it a more welcoming festive environment. Overall it was a super cool experience and I would definitely recommend going!