Sean O Se

This past week I got to spend quite a bit of time with well-know Irish singer Sean O Se. He visited World Music Ensemble, along with my music class, and I attended his concert. He had the best sense of humor of any 78-year-old I have ever met. He told lots of stories about the songs he sang, a very important part of Irish music, most of which were humorous. He also just seemed to say whatever came to mind in the moment. In addition to his humor, he was full of life, making it very fun and enjoyable to be around him. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to meet such an amazing person and musician.



Drag Show

On Friday I went to the drag show in the Chapel. I had never been to a drag show before so I really had no idea what to expect. It was absolutely hilarious, and I thought it was really cool that they actually had a professional drag queen come! It was so funny seeing people from Wheaton dress up in drag and their performances were great. The a cappella groups also performed and they dressed up as the opposite gender. They were awesome as well, as always. I am definitely happy I went and I think it is great that we have our own drag show on campus.

Garnet Rogers

Last night I went to a folk concert at the Rose Garden Coffeehouse in Mansfield. By coffeehouse I really mean a little stage and some folding chairs set up in the basement of a church, but it was a great event. Most of the people there were locals who probably attend these events every month, and they were very welcoming to us. They were so happy to have Wheaton students, and they gave us tickets for half price! There were delicious homemade cakes and pies for sale; it was such a treat to have something homemade! The performer last night was Garnet Rogers, a Canadian singer-songwriter. He told personal stories in-between almost every song that were just hilarious and the music was great too. I can’t upload the video I took, but here’s one of a song he played last night from YouTube.